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Generations of Fine Italian Cuisine


We are 3 siblings who grew up and worked in a family owned and operated restaurant. We would help our parents with every task imaginable and not only did it include tasks specific to the culinary world, but also regular housekeeping duties. On the weekends those duties would include cleaning and cutting 100’s of shrimp at a time, chopping mountains of parsley for garnish, peeling cases of garlic and skinning chicken breasts. We would help the waiters with setting up the tables, getting ice from the basement for the bar, and polishing the cutlery and glassware as it came out of the dishwasher.


It was through this hard work that we developed our passion for authentic homemade recipes and learned the dedication required to operate a restaurant. As we grew older, our tasks became increasingly difficult as did our responsibilities. We were taught from an early age that you must put 100% of your body and mind into anything you do no matter how small the task may appear. As the years went by, we graduated to working in the kitchen alongside our dad or as busboys assisting the waiters with the clientele. Eventually our parents retired and sold the business and the 3 siblings each went their separate ways for approximately 10 years.


Then one evening, the family was sitting around the dinner table reminiscing about the good times in the restaurant. Remembering how much pride this industry brought us, it was then and there we all decided to quit our full time jobs and open up a small takeout/catering/pizzeria joint. That’s when DeMinico’s Cucina was born!

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